Allways vs. MiO Comparison - Which Is Better?

At Allways, our mission is to redefine your beverage experience, and we take this commitment seriously. In this illuminating comparison, we proudly share why Allways Drops are the unrivaled champions in the world of water flavoring, leaving MiO, a product owned by Kraft-Heinz, trailing far behind.

Our Commitment to Natural Excellence

Allways Drops have become the hallmark of genuine flavor, winning hearts with their dedication to delivering natural and refreshing taste. Unlike MiO, we prioritize authenticity, using only the finest natural ingredients to infuse your drinks with real, mouthwatering flavors. Whether it's the tantalizing natural Pineapple, the zesty Ginger Lemon, or the dessert-like Cream Soda, our flavors transport you to a realm of authenticity, leaving MiO's artificial creations in the dust.

But it's not just about taste; it's about setting a higher standard for your well-being. Allways Drops aren't just zero-calorie; they're preservative-free, making them a seamless fit for any dietary regimen.

MiO: A Relic of Artificiality

MiO, a relic of the past, is a stark contrast to our commitment to natural purity. Owned by Kraft-Heinz, MiO clings to synthetic flavors and sweeteners, offering a far cry from the genuine taste bestowed by Allways. MiO's extensive array of flavors merely masks the artificial nature of its concoctions, creating a mirage of variety that pales in comparison to Allways.

One must also contemplate the health implications of MiO. With its preservatives and artificial additives, it could pose a threat to those pursuing a healthy lifestyle. MiO may have been a recognizable name in its prime, but today, it struggles to keep pace with the trend toward cleaner, more natural products.

Why Allways Prevails

When you hold Allways up to MiO, the distinction is undeniable:

  1. Natural Purity: Allways Drops embrace only natural ingredients, while MiO leans on artificial flavors and artificial sweeteners, tarnishing the authenticity of your drinks

  2. Flavor Authenticity: Allways Drops deliver flavors that mirror nature's intentions, while MiO's synthetic taste fades in comparison, hiding its artificiality behind an extensive flavor lineup.

  3. Brand Integrity: Allways embodies purity and authenticity, firmly upholding our commitment to natural ingredients. MiO, conversely, clings to antiquated practices that no longer resonate with consumers seeking a healthier, more genuine experience.


In the universe of water flavoring, Allways Drops shine as a beacon of excellence in every aspect. If you cherish natural purity, authenticity, and a dedication to a healthier lifestyle, there's no room for debate—Allways Drops stand unchallenged, relegating MiO to a past where artificiality reigns. Bid adieu to synthetic flavors and embrace the revitalizing taste of Allways. Your taste buds and your well-being will forever thank you.