What are "Natural Flavors"?

WTF are "Natural Flavors"?

No, not just anything can be called a 'natural flavor' – that's a popular misconception.

Unlike popular belief, the FDA actually has very strict guidelines on what can be called natural. They've defined it to be strictly the good stuff - think essential oils, extracts, and essences that come straight from plants or herbs. No synthetics in sight! These flavors are crafted through processes like pressing, roasting, or some friendly enzymatic or microbiological magic. We're talking about real flavor.

Now, here's the kicker - "natural flavors" aren't just thrown in willy-nilly. Nope, they go through some serious vetting to earn that "natural" badge. Scientists dig into their chemistry, extraction methods, and where they come from. It's like a taste bud Olympics before they end up in your snacks. So, when you spot "natural flavors" on your snack, know it's more "garden-fresh" than "mad scientist."

What about "Type" Flavors?

When you look at some of our labels, you'll see "cream soda type flavor" and "root beer type flavor". This just means that the named flavor isn't something that grows from the ground – so we have to add "type" afterwards. All of the ingredients still have to be 100% natural flavors. 

Traditional root beer gets its mojo from sassafras root, but these days, it's more like a botanical dance with wintergreen, vanilla, and anise. All these flavor buddies are sourced from nature, and when they come together, they create that classic root beer vibe. It's like your favorite cover band jamming to your beloved tune. They're not the original, but they've nailed the flavor. So, while they're all-natural, the goal is to recreate your favorite taste. 

Any Questions?

If you think we could be more clear, we're happy to update this page. It's our goal to be as transparent as possible without revealing the precious & delicious secrets that make Allways the world's best flavors. Just drop us an email and we'll add whatever information you think is best.

In Conclusion

Now that we've unraveled the secrets of "Natural Flavors" and "Type Flavors," it's time to try Allways Drops yourself. Imagine enjoying the essence of real fruits and botanicals in every drop, without any artificial shenanigans. Allways Drops are your ticket to flavor euphoria, made with 100% natural goodness.

So, why wait? Take the plunge and elevate your taste experience with Allways Drops. Whether you're sipping on refreshing water, crafting delightful mocktails, or adding a twist to your favorite beverages, these drops are your go-to for authentic, all-natural flavors. Join us in savoring the essence of nature, one drop at a time.