Information Asymmetry 💰

Information Asymmetry & Why It Costs You Money

How exactly is Big Soda making tons of money from their sodas and beverages, even though their products are 99.9% water? A simple, yet revolutionary concept: information asymmetry.

TechTarget.com defines information asymmetry as "an imbalance between two negotiating parties in their knowledge of relevant factors and details. Typically, that imbalance means that the side with more information enjoys a competitive advantage over the other party".

For us, this means that Big Soda knows exactly how to get flavors and sparkling water into a can. Even though these ingredients cost pennies each, they still charge $1 to $4 per can – because they know how to access the ingredients, and you don't.

Until now. Allways works directly with the same manufacturers supplying Big Soda and your favorite beverages to get the same flavors directly to you, without the huge markup.

Who benefits from cutting out the middle man?

There's two clear answers here: you and the environment.

How do you benefit? Basically, your wallet and your health benefit. Big Soda has to sell through distributors, retailers, and ship their heavy flavored sparkling waters all around the world. This means they need massive profits to support this complicated scheme. They do this by charging massive margins on each can and by devoting entire teams and divisions towards getting you hooked.

Allways sells directly to you, so we just need to cover our small team's pay and the cost of the ingredients – not massive shipping centers, distributors, retailers, and scientists optimizing the addiction potential of our products.