Allways vs Soda Stream: Which is better?

It's natural to want to compare Allways Pop vs SodaStream to see which is better.

There's tons of reasons why Allways Pop blows SodaStream out of the water, but we'll start with the top 4:

  • 1. Carbonate Anything

    We guarantee you can carbonate any beverage in the Allways Pop machine, unlike SodaStream.

    We'll list exceptions here as we find them, but we haven't found one yet.

  • 2. Better Flavors

    SodaStream is owned by Pepsi and will never ever make flavors besides Pepsi and Bubly. Sad!

    Allways is independent and we expand our flavor library every month. We actually listen to you.

  • 3. Real Support

    Unlike Sodastream, you can talk to us whenever you want. We have live 1-to-1 support every day, talking to a real person who's actually on our team.

  • 4. More Recipes

    Allways publishes between 50 and 100 new recipes every month, from the easy to the complex & challenging.

    With SodaStream... you're on your own. Notice a pattern?


Find the most frequently asked questions below.

You can carbonate any beverage in the Allways Pop machine.

Specifically, you can carbonate any packaged beverage sold for consumption.

So no – maple syrup doesn't count. But yes, juice, wine, Gatorade, and even milk count. The possibilities are endless.

We guarantee that every product you receive works and is to your satisfaction for 100 days. If not, you can get a full refund with a simple return. There's no catch and no exceptions, ever.

We guarantee you'll get what you ordered on time. If it's lost, we re-ship it on our dime. We will make sure you receive exactly what you ordered every time.

Every question you ask us have WILL receive a real human response quickly. Our parent company, Brewsy, averages a first response time of 1.5 hours.

You can reach out to us via our site, email, Facebook, Instagram, and even by text.

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